FAQ about Dumpster rental, Dumpster Delivery and Pickup in Louisville,KY

Yes.Our service extends throughout South Louisville, including: 

  • Bardstown, KY
  • Elizabethtown Ky
  • Louisville KY
  • Radcliff KY 
  • Shepherdsville, KY
  • Many more

We offer the most value in a dumpster rental

  • Dumpster delivery within 24 hours or less
  • a variety of dumpster sizes to choose from
  • 7-day rental
  • Service on Saturdays
  • No Hidden cost, No extra cost, No damage to your property
  • Driveway Protection System
  • Walk-in, double doors for easy access and loading
  • We sweep your driveway upon pickup to make sure we leave no mess behind

Cost varies depending upon the bin size and other external factors such as landfill charges, and weight. Call our Dumpster Consultants at (502) 669-3867 or use our free form on the webwite for a free estimate on a dumpster rental.  We can deliver in 24 hours or less from your reservation.

Bin There Dump That Louisville south provides an all-in fee which includes delivery, pickup, and weight allowance. There are No Hidden Fees and No extra cost. The rental is for a 7-day period. The service also includes Driveway Protection System and a thorough sweep of the property when we come to pick up the bin. 

You can directly call us at (502) 669-3867 or use the form online to place an order for dumpster rental. 

Talk to our Dumpster Consultants - You can call us and talk to our Dumpster Consultant who can provide expert advice on the right dumpster size for your project and the cost related to it. Once you confirm the order, we will share details via email. 

Fill the form online - You can also fill out our easy form on the website within a few minutes. Once your order is received, we will follow up with you and get it delivered within 24 hours or less from your reservation. 

Our Residential Friendly dumpsters come with the following specifications:

Dumpster size Holds Weight equivalent to Dimensions
4 cubic yard dumpster 2 truckloads (Approx. 1500 lbs.) 10 ft. long 5.5 ft. wide 2 ft. High
6 cubic yard dumpsters 3 truckloads (Approx. 1700 lbs.) 10 ft. long 5.5 ft. wide 3 ft. High
10 cubic yard dumpster 3 truckloads (Approx. 2200 lbs.) 10 ft. long 7 ft. wide 4 ft. High
15 cubic yard dumpster

5 Truckloads (Approx. 2620 lbs.)

11 ft. long 8 ft. wide 4.5 ft. High

20 cubic yard dumpster 8 Truck Load (Approx. 3040lbs.) 11 ft. long 8 ft. wide 6 ft. High

All our dumpsters have small footprints so they easily fit in narrow driveways and take up less space. 

Yes. All our dumpsters have a walk-in, double doors for easy access to loading items especially the heavy stuff. 

When you are renting a dumpster for a bathroom or bedroom remodel, usually a 10 yard container will suffice. If it’s a larger remodel like a kitchen or garage, a 15 or 20 yard bin will accommodate the additional debris. Talk to our friendly Dumpster Consultant to find the right dumpster size that will fit your project. 

You will get details information from our Dumpster experts related to 

  • Right Dumpster Size
  • Accepted material
  • Total cost
  • Dumpster Delivery Date
  • Allowed weight for each dumpster

We recommend our 15 or 20 yard containers for residential weekend projects such as home cleaning, junk removal, garage cleaning, decluttering projects, and foreclosure cleanout. You can throw heavy items such as construction debris, furniture, Mattresses, carpet removal, and landscaping debris in the dumpster. Talk to our friendly Dumpster Consultant to find the right dumpster size that will fit your project. 

When you’re in the process of relocating, having a dumpster simplifies the process. You can directly throw the unwanted items from cooking vessels to worn-out wooden furniture in the dumpster. Usually, we recommend a 15 to 20 yard rol-off dumpster for this project. 

All our dumpsters have small footprints so they easily fit in narrow driveways and take up less space. Our dumpster never touches the ground, we protect your property by using stronger wooden planks under the Bins.

Our helpful team provides support during any disaster. Our dumpsters can be used during any fire, storm, flooding and to get rid of fallen branches. We are available by phone at (502) 669-3867 to reserve your order and schedule a delivery. In these instances, we understand the immediacy in which you need a dumpster and will attempt to have one delivered to your home in 24 hours or less.

There are several hazardous materials that shouldn’t be thrown in dumpsters such as 

  • propane tanks
  • ammunition
  • leftover paint, paint cans and paint thinner, stains and varnish
  • household cleaning products
  • batteries
  • fluorescent light bulbs
  • tires, motor oil, gasoline, and antifreeze
  • aerosol cans
  • pesticides and fertilizers
  • pharmaceuticals and bio-medical waste
Please call us to get the complete information about restricted items.

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